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Dickie’s Cooking School – a Danforth neighbourhood gem that wants to help new moms

Dickies Cooking School

“I’ve been there. It can be lonely and challenging trying to come up with healthy dinners while balancing a baby on your hip. I see the kitchen as the heart of the home and so essential to family health.” Lisa Dickie, owner of Dickie’s Cooking School on why she wants to help new moms as a business.

I’m someone who likes to cook and experiment in the kitchen. One of the things I love to do is pick-up cookbooks from places we travel as a way to remember the food we ate there and for me to look at for recipe inspiration. I also can never resist looking at Little Libraries throughout the city to see if someone has put a cookbook or two inside. If there is a cookbook chances are I’ll be putting it in the bottom of my stroller.

But since becoming a mom to young kids, I’ve found it increasingly hard to find the time to be in the kitchen making meals. Weekday dinners are especially tough. When I pick my daughter up from school she is “hangry” (a.k.a. hungry and angry) and wants to be fed the minute we get home. More often than not I end up making her a snack plate to tide her over while I figure out what to make for dinner as my husband won’t get home until later in the evening. Baby gets put in the exercauser and I feed him puffs while I frantically make something. I usually can cobble something together, but it doesn’t make me happy. On the days where I’m more prepared, I use the slow cooker but there is only so many slow cooked meals you feel like eating.

How I’ve wished there was something that I could do to help me feel more ahead of the week’s meals. Turns out there is – Dickie’s Cooking School.

How can Dickie’s Cooking School help moms?

Dickie’s Cooking School is in the Danforth area and they are starting up a baby-friendly meal prep series!

I recently had the opportunity to try out their weekend meal prep class and came home with a full belly and a ton of delicious food for the week ahead. I’ve never been to a meal prep class before, so didn’t know what to expect and was a little bit apprehensive. But Lisa Dickie, the owner of the school, made it fun and painless. In just two hours myself and the other participants prepped a variety of foods for the week and also learned some new tricks in the kitchen. The hot bread with butter that was served for us to munch on was a definite bonus too! One of the things I really appreciated was that it felt so relaxed – it felt as though I was hanging out in a friend’s kitchen.

The idea behind the baby-friendly prep class version is that moms will have the opportunity to prep a bunch of food for the week while meeting other moms. You’ll also get learn new parent (and baby!) friendly recipes along with some of Lisa’s favourite cooking hacks. Some of her favourites are:

1/ Everytime you make a family favourite, double it so you have a second meal ready to go!

2/ Plan your meals for the week, so you know ahead of time what you are making.

3/ Always keep stock and canned beans on hand. You can whip up a soup in no time and it is healthy!

The first class will take place on May 13th at 11 a.m. They are also able to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities. Strollers can be parked right outside too.

How do I find out more?

Make sure to check out Dickie’s Cooking School’s website and follow along on Instagram for more tips, tricks and class dates. I’m also happy to answer any questions that you may have, so comment below or send me a message!

PS: What is your favourite cookbook?

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