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Why we started using Young Living essential oils as a family

Young Living Oils

“High quality essential oils are natural tools that families can use to keep their families healthy and happy. They are easy to use and are a natural complement to your healthy lifestyle.” ~ Lourdes Calderon, Young Living on the Danforth

I recently posted on Instagram a number of tips for traveling with kids. One of these tips was about how our family uses essential oils as a way to stay germ-free while being away from home. If you had asked me a year ago if I would be sharing this tip, I would have laughed. Essential oils were never on my radar as something our family could use. Apart from a short-lived time where I burned oils in my teens I’ve never gave them a thought.

But this maternity leave has been full of the unexpected and me trying new things that I’ve grown to love – personally and professionally. My growing appreciation and love of Young Living essential oils has definitely been one of the things.

How did my I start using Young Living essential oils?

When you have an older one who is going to school in the house, chances are there are plenty of germs coming home at the end of the day. After what seemed like a gazillion colds being passed back and forth between all of us, I was done. I needed help. I had seen some of my friends mention Young Living on the Danforth (a.k.a. Lourdes, the essential oil wizard), so I decided to follow her on Instagram. One of her posts about how to stay germ-free this winter caught my eye and within minutes I was sending her a panicked message. She quickly guided me through what I needed to try and since then I’ve become more interested in how these oils can help our family. I don’t know if it is a fluke but we definitely had less sickness in the house after we started using them. My favourites so far are Thieves, RC, Lavender and Lemon. As I’m breastfeeding I’m staying away from using ones with peppermint.

Why Young Living oils?

Since getting to know Lourdes, one of the things that I’ve asked her is what makes Young Living different? Her answer is simple. No other company offers the same level of quality. Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee. They own their own farms, don’t use pesticides or GMO. All other companies source their oils from third parties and this means inferior quality oils that won’t yield the same results.

How to get started using essential oils as a new mom?

If you aren’t already, definitely follow Young Living on the Danforth on Facebook or Instagram as this is a good way to see what oils there and what they can do. No matter what your question Lourdes (who is also a local mom to young kids!) is happy to answer and guide you to the oil(s) that will help you best. Her favourite pick for new moms is the premium starter kit as as it is the best value for families. It has all the oils a family will need on a daily basis plus a  diffuser and its half of what you would pay for each item!

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about how to use essential oils as a family and with your little ones, Lourdes and I will be doing a follow-up video answering some of your questions that came in when I asked if you were using oils. Some of the top questions were around how to use essential oils safely and what oils to avoid if breastfeeding. If you have any more questions feel free to comment below or send me a message!

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