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Working out with Baby Mama Fitness

Baby Mama Fitness

Jenn Green, the owner and creator of Baby Mama Fitness shares a little bit about herself, why she loves what she does, things to look out for in postpartum fitness and how you can find her.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jenn Green.  I am a born and raised Maritimer, Mama to a wild 5 year old who keeps me on my toes, wife to the love of my life, and owner and boss of Baby Mama Fitness.  Nothing brings me more joy than making my Big Dude and Little Dude laugh or being in the water.

Why did you decide to start Baby Mama Fitness?

When it was time to return to work, I started having panic attacks.  I did not want to go back. And everything in my body was rebelling against it.  So I got curious and asked myself, ‘Ok. What’s going on Jenn? What do you need that you are not getting?’

I needed more control.  More control over how I spend my time, more control over how much I get paid, more control over who I spend my time with, and more control over who and how I was helping.  I had been teaching fitness part-time (something I loved to do after years of competitive sports and dancing) and I felt that Mamas were EXTREMELY underserved after giving birth.  I hired a business coach, who is still a dear friend of mine 5 years later, and Baby Mama Fitness was born!

What are your top three postpartum fitness tips for women or what should they look out for?

See a Pelvic Floor Physio.  It is your very first step in getting your fitness back.  If you show up at my class and haven’t seen one yet, I peer pressure you into going.  They can assess all sorts of things that you may not know are going on inside. Signs you definitely need one: peeing when you cough, sneeze, run, laugh, jump, etc.  You have pain during sex. You have low back pain. Your abdominals around your belly button are rounded outward. You notice your belly ‘coning’ out when you sit up. You have trouble breathing.  You have trouble peeing and emptying your bladder.

Please workout with a certified postnatal specialist. Lots of us postpartum fitness professionals have online programs if getting out of the house on the same day at the same time seems like climbing Everest right now.  Every day I see Mamas asking for help and people recommend BeachBody programs or random YouTube videos or incredibly hard group classes that are 100% inappropriate postnatally.  These programs can do more damage than good. See someone who is specifically trained to work with postpartum women.

Focus on strength.  Focus on getting your ‘pre-Baby’ identity back.  Not your ‘pre-baby Body’ back. There are so many things at play postnatally that affect you.  But you can grow your strength. You can claim little amounts of time for yourself so you can feel like ‘you’ again.  Getting your ‘body back’ isn’t going to make you feel like ‘you’ again. Being strong for yourself and your Littles will make you feel like a million bucks.

How can people find out about you? How can someone find out about the programs you offer?

I run in-person classes all over the city where Mama create incredible Mat Leave friends.  I love making my Mamas laugh as much as they sweat. Everything I do comes from a Body Positive space.  I also have two 28 day online programs for the Mamas who don’t live in Toronto or are trapped inside for naps! One is Baby Mama Kickstart that focuses on working on your core and your mobility. And Baby Mama Smackdown is the next level where you do short but sweaty workouts every day to work on getting your fitness back.  You can find me running my signature classes and telling hilarious stories over at

What’s one thing that people may be surprised to know about you?

I used to get paid to act and sing and dance.  I did this up until I got pregnant. I can sing a mean aria.

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