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My go-to postnatal workouts in Toronto

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While there are many postnatal fitness offerings in Toronto, I wanted to share my faves this mat leave!

  • Toronto Yoga Mamas is one of those studios that I would like to live in. It is just that beautiful. They offer a range of classes for pre and postnatal fitness. One of the classes I really love is their Barre class on Saturday morning (done without baby).
  • Those of you that know me personally know that I talk highly about Barre3’s online workouts, but I also love going to their Toronto studios. Their Leslieville location also offers a play lounge – an area where your babies can be looked after while you are doing the class. They also have a deal for new moms, so make sure to contact them.
  • Workout with Jess is something I found out about via one of my close friends. I just finished her last outdoor “stroller strong” session and really enjoyed her style/approach to postnatal fitness. They are challenging and she always offers modifications depending on where you are in your postnatal fitness journey. She offers a bunch of different classes in midtown and in Forest Hill area.
  • Pink Studio makes me feel happy whenever I am there. Natalie, one of the co-owners, is awesome and so welcoming. Throughout the week they offer a few different types of baby friendly classes (barre, yoga and Pilates). What I love about this studio is that the baby classes are only 30 minutes long (perfect for fussy babies) and are reasonably priced.
  • This time round I’ve also tried CareerFitMom that runs out of the Danforth location of Oaks and Acorns. They offer a couple of baby friendly classes throughout the week. Their workouts are really designed for women looking to get back into working out and offer a lot of tips on how to exercise safely post-baby.
  • I wish I could go more to North Movement on Bayview as they have some really great postnatal Pilates classes. The last time I did Anna’s class I definitely felt the burn!
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