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Saving money as a family in Toronto

Family Discount Card

How the Family Discount card can help your family save

Toronto is a pricey city to live in and when you have children it becomes even more expensive. Everything just seems to cost a lot of money when you want to do something as a family.

To go to the ROM it costs us around $54 in tickets alone (and that’s doesn’t include access to special exhibits!). To go to the aquarium it is around $75. At the moment the baby is free, but in a few years the price will go up when we have to pay for both kids. When you also factor in food and most likely some treats, each of these family outings could come in over the $100 mark. This is a lot of money especially when you are facing double daycare fees!

If you caught my recent Instagram post you know that I’m a fan of looking for deals and discounts. While I can often find one to help lower the cost of an outing, it takes me time to find. This is where the Family Discount Card (FD) comes in and does the work for you. For only $20 a year, this card gets you discounts to family attractions and businesses across the city and the Niagara region.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the co-founders, Rachel and Mike, and learn more about why they started FD. One of the things that I love on a personal level about their business story is that they truly understand the need to save as a family as they are new parents themselves (you can read more about what prompted them to start FD on their website). They are invested in what they have created and also are strong supporters of other small businesses (especially ones run by new moms!). I love this as I’m a big believer in supporting small and local. Too often we are seeing these businesses close and they deserve our love!

At the moment they have over 180 businesses on board and are continually adding others! The card already offers discounts to a number of the bigger and popular family attractions (e.g. ROM, Ripley’s Aquarium, Hockey Hall of Fame, Centreville) as well as other services that are aimed at helping new parents. Here are five discounts that the FDC has that I think new moms in Toronto should check out!

StorkSupply is an amazing company that allows you to rent baby gear

MommyConnections was one of my favourite baby classes that I took while I was on my 1st maternity leave

Fragola, a baby food delivery service

West End Mamas has so many great postnatal services and classes

Cleanique cleaning services as I always need some help with cleaning!

To purchase the card just head to their website. All of the discounts are clearly laid out and you can beginning accessing them as soon as you purchase the card! I’d love to know what discounts you tried out!

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